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The Grand Librarian: Life of an Immortal, tells the story of Alexander Merryweather, which begins initially in the year 1273 A.D. On the surface, the Grand Library appears normal. But underneath it, lies a secret chamber containing knowledge from Merlin’s world of magic and wizardry. However, a rebel group known as the Knights of Niviane, led by Alexander’s daughter, want the secrets for themselves. When they lay siege to the library, Alexander is forced to destroy the chamber with a fiery spell. The spell unexpectedly grants immortality to all survivors but displaces Alexander in time. When Alexander awakens in present day Chicago, he is shocked to learn he has been in hibernation for over seven hundred years. In his absence, the surviving Knights of Niviane have secretly ruled the eastern hemisphere. Alexander decides to take the fight to the Knights of Niviane on their turf, so he travels to Germany, Russia and China for one last magical showdown. Merlin’s rise to prominence is also told through backstory.


Mark of the Demon Priest

Father Tom Padilla died in the events that ended in The Hangman. His friend Jericho Caine, the vampire slayer, recovered his body and made plans to cremate it. However, the body is stolen by a demon that plans to inhabit Tom's body. The botched incantation brings Tom back to life and sets him on a collision course with the demon. He learns the demon can't possess his body without a ring engraved with the Padilla's family crest. Tom's path reunites him with Jericho, a new love interest, and terrible secrets and memories from the Padilla's past.

Father Tom Padilla: Mark of the Demon Priest is one of four novellas in the Hangman Universe (HMU) that lead up to the novel, The Hangman Returns.

Boy in the Field

A Precious Truth

January 20, 2023


Dakota Rises

Jericho’s vacation is interrupted when he learns that an ancient vampire angel, Dakota, has risen. Dakota’s story is unique in that both angels and demons believe he’s an abomination and want to destroy him. Instead of blood, Kota survives off human souls, which poses a threat to both Heaven and the underworld. The humans that he turns into creatures of the night, are more zombie-like than vampires, and are called minions. When a demon coerces the vampire Lord, Caden, leader of the Ireland Murphy clan, to hunt down and kill Dakota, it sets off a chain of events that lead to Jericho. The slayer, in turn must deal with Kota, new threats like vampires sirens, and werewolves, all while trying to understand his own powers.

Jericho Caine is also a character from the HMU, whose story can stand on its own. However, Jericho’s story build’s up to the novel, The Hangman Returns.

Wheat Field
Boy in the Field