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Dr. Richard VanHellman has finally uncovered the secrets of human cloning. With his growing influence in politics, VanHellman intends to take over the world by cloning its most powerful people. However, his clones require the memory of the people he intends to clone, so VanHellman murders them for their brain. With his unique ability to read a person's thoughts, the same ability he uses to control his clones, he is close to accomplishing evil goal. He has one problem though, Special Agent Robert Bassett. Robert's father, Reed Bassett, was also an FBI agent. Reed's last case, twenty years prior, eventually lands Robert on VanHellman's doorstep for a dinner party. The dinner party turns bloody, but Robert survives. In his attempt to stop VanHellman, Robert uncovers mind-blowing Bassett family secrets. The mission is now personal. Revenge from several characters on both sides fuels this thriller. However, only missing pages from a dead scientist's journal can save the day. And on that day, an inevitable showdown between Robert and VanHellman takes place where it all started over twenty years ago.

Cloning Around by Dee Rose