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The HMU and Nervousness

May 7, 2018

The Grand Librarian: Life of an Immortal is in the editing phase right now. I can honestly say, this brilliant character wouldn't exist without a good friend of mine, Panhnha Tran. I asked for an idea and he delivered almost instantly.

The Hangman Universe's (HMU) success will greatly hinge on the reaction to this novella, and maybe people will go back to pick up The Hangman as well. I believe each character in the HMU is fresh and unique. They each have their own stories/adventures to tell. Combined with the Hangman on a grander stage, lets just say, these dudes get wild.

While the HMU is not a unique concept, with the likes of the MCU and DCEU, these characters more than hold their own against those exciting universes. Talk about putting all my "eggs in one basket". As one of my favorite wrestlers would say, "We're here".

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