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Almost done!

May 25, 2018

I've just recently gotten back the cover design and  edited  version of  The Grand Librarian: Life of an immortal. I'm excited and yet not fulfilled. I wonder if the hole will be filled once I have completed, what I like to call Act 2, of the HMU. Act 1 was The Hangman novel itself. It introduced us to the star of the HMU, Kente Cromwell, aka The Hangman. The second act picks up with a new character, Alexander Merryweather, aka The Grand Librarian. From there we head into Father Thomas Padilla's adventure immediately following his epic throw down in Las Vegas at the end of  The Hangman. Father Tom Padilla: Mark of the Demon Priest may possibly be the darkest adventure yet. His story will be out later this year. Jericho Caine's story and BA (The Bad Angel's) story will follow from there. Those novellas all lead to the novel, The Hangman Returns, which will hit bookstores in 2019. 

My life's work, in the literary arena, is building The Hangman Universe and making it as big as Hollywood's MCU and DCEU. I know, it's a lofty goal, but I'm ready to take it on head first.

As for fans of Cloning Around and its main character Agent Robert Bassett, be on the lookout. I'm about 75% done with his follow-up novel, Agent Robert Bassett: Accepting Commonology. It's crazy, exciting and just as twisty as Cloning Around. I wish I had time to complete all these titles at once and just crank them out, but they take time. If I get to Act 3 of the HMU and the Cloning Around follow-up, I could die a happy man.

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