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The Cold Hard Truth

July 26, 2018

I started writing when I was in high school, not knowing what to call what I wrote, or organize it in any way. Whether it was rap,  poems, or short stories, I knew I had a knack for storytelling. I thought it meant I was supposed to be a journalist, so my original major in college was Journalism. When I went out on my first interview and interviewed a racist barista, I decided journalism wasn't for me and dropped it. My temper, plus ignorance, doesn't mesh well. I then started taking Creative Writing courses until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I figured I had a big mouth, and liked politics, so I gave Political Science a try. Then, lo' and behold, I loved it. But something was still missing.


I continued to write while taking Poli Sci classes and working. I finally decided to put an idea I'd been tinkering with on paper. (back then everything was written, haha) Cloning Around had a pulse. It took me over seven years finally to Frankenstein the damn thing and have my, "it's alive" moment. But then reality set in. Publishing a book is hard, especially for a new author. Trying to find an agent is just  as hard as trying to find a publisher. So I after tons of rejection letters, I went the self publishing route. That costs money. A lot of money. I realized, its like this for any artist that starts at the bottom, and I'm ok with it. Writer's bloc, rejection letters, editing delays, and disappointment in sales have all made me stronger. I'm a better writer because of those things and a tad bit more patient...but not much. 


However, I'm not a starving artist. I was lucky to have a career while I wrote. I was lucky to have my two daughters, family and friends to push me when I wanted to give up on my dream of writing the next great American novel. I'm still chasing that dream, and now with four books under my belt, I thought I'd share a small piece of my journey.



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