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Jericho Caine, Vampire Slayer

October 28, 2018

Jericho Caine, Vampire Slayer: Dakota Rises, has just been published. I know everyone is wondering why so many books in such a short amount of time. After all, Father Tom Padilla was just published last week. Well, the answer is, I love writing. And while I CAN wait till put my stories out, I can't stop writing. I love it, and I'm on a roll. And believe that, these stories should not be put off longer than they have to for the sake of marketing schemes. So Jericho Caine picks up right after Father Tom Padilla's story.


I love the Jericho Caine character. He's my favorite to write for. He's tough as nails and funny as all-get-out. Jericho's story begins with him on vacation. However, the Sword of Caine warns him that Dakota, half vampire/half angel has risen from his slumber. The demon Hangoctuforre has recruited the Ireland Murphy clan to track and destroy Dakota as well. The Bad Angel, BA, makes a appearance and other new supernatural menaces get involved also. Jericho must confront the source of his powers while dealing with the Dakota situation. The entire story sets up a battle royal of supernatural beings at the end.


Jericho is yet another story from the HMU that is all connected. Although the Hangman Returns has not been written yet, Jericho Caine is sure to be a big part of it.

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