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Down But Not Out

February 19, 2019

It's been a rough five months. Bad health and then more bad health. But I keep coming back up, mostly because I'm a stubborn S.O.B. Anyway, I've just begun to get the itch back in finishing my life's work. My Hangman Universe is up and running with three books in the last few months, and stage one almost finished. It concludes with The Bad Angel: Redemption. That leads to stage two and The Hangman Returns.


I've had mixed reviews on my latest books. I'm proud of them all, even the reviews that weren't so good, because they all had something good to say and helped me grow as a writer. I'm on the waitlist for the Colorado Book & Arts Festival in April. Here's hoping I get  a booth. The exposure would be amazing. I'd love to showcase my dream at an event like that!


I would love to make a living from writing, but man, I love talking about my books with other people. It's amazing to hear their take on my story and my characters. I think my proudest moment was talking about my book, Father Tom Padilla, with my oldest daughter. That made my day. And even as I'm ready to rap up stage two, I'm already jotting down ideas for The Hangman Returns. I think it's gonna be epic!



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