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Supernatural...I Think Not!

March 3, 2019

First off, I want to say that I  absolutely love the tv show Supernatural. Dean Winchester in one of my favorite characters of all time, not named Al Bundy or Jack Bauer. Secondly, I love fantasy stories of all kind. I've probably borrowed a little bit from a lot of  fantasy works to create my six books. And helping my good friends, Panhnha Tran and Erin Moyer get their stories off the ground has been a thrill ride for me. Finally, I respect anyone who takes the time to read and review my books, good or bad. It's an honor. However, there was a review of Jericho Caine Vampire Slayer, Dakota Rises, which got it wrong in my opinion. The reviewer said the story reminded them of an episode of Supernatural. Try as I might, I can't find anything in the book that comes from the show..


The story starts with Jericho and his assistant vacationing  in Mexico. Eventually, the vacation is cut short because the Sword of Caine let's them know they have to start tracking the half vampire/half angel, Dakota. In their quest to find this unique being, they travel to the Gulf of Mexico and confront a pack of vampire sirens. In the mean time, Dakota is busy creating his undead army called minions. He is also in a battle with angels, namely the Bad Angel, because they consider him an abomination. While in New York, vampire clans are uniting and plotting to destroy Dakota, as the vampire angel poses a threat to them as well. Father Tom Padilla and the Grand Librarian, Alexander Merryweather make brief appearances. But it is Jericho in the end, who must deal with the vampire clans, a werewolf and Dakota himself. 


The point? None of this story comes close to resembling Supernatural. And while I wish I had the popularity of the show, I don't. I'm hoping readers keep that in mind while I finish the Bad Angel: Redemption, and my future endeavor, The Hangman Returns. Both books are gonna be a blast! And if there is any resemblance to Supernatural, enjoy it. Because either way, you can't go wrong.



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