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Chilly Out

March 14, 2019

Bad weather means nothing to a writer. In fact, it just means we get to stay in and do what we do best...write. I must admit, things can change so quickly in this world. A writer can go from having a severe case of writer's bloc, to drinking a pot of coffee and writing all day like today. It can happen out of nowhere. Although I didn't have writer's bloc, I was stifled on several occasions in trying to get up and sit in front of my CPU.


I needed something to get me going. I've been working on The Bad Angel: Redemption for months with no real progress. I called myself just doing corrections in hopes that it would get me to write more, but it didn't. I finally reached into my magic hat and pulled out two rabbits in the form of my inspirations, EJ and Nya Tran. Just talking to another writer like EJ helped center me. And Nya gave me another idea for a book, of which I started writing immediately. The guy is a genius, but that could just be my opinion. However, the next thing I knew, in record time I might add, the first chapter of Travel Through the Stars was written. Honestly, I've never tried my hand at a space opera, but the story intrigues me, so I'm going for it.


In the real world, I'm going back to work soon after three months from injury. Don't really know how I feel about that. But I'm almost sure it will help me continue writing because I finished three books while working at the end of last year. What I realized recently is that I talk too much and my politics offends even people who should generally agree with me. But writing and a strong/weird imagination helps me escape all that real world BS. So thank you to the two people I mentioned above. And thanks to my readers. I hope I will never let you guys down.


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