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The Bad Angel is being edited

April 9, 2019

Well, it took me long enough, but I've finally finished writing the Bad Angel: Redemption. I think I'm at least two months behind on the project but hip surgery will do that. The Bad Angel is apart of the Hangman Universe and is the last novella before the novel, The Hangman Returns.


The Bad Angel (BA) guards Purgatory, where the Hangman, Kente Cromwell Sr. is currently serving time before he can enter paradise. The arch angel Gabriel enlists BA for a mission. Their brother, Michael has gone missing and believed to be held hostage on Earth. Meanwhile, in the United States, a deadly drug has surfaced with a plan for worldwide distribution. The drug is infused with Michael's blood and turns it's users into homicidal maniacs with the goal of destroying humanity. A supernatural being known as the Peddler has convinced humans, vampires and demons to help sell the drug. This attracts the attention of Jericho Caine, the vampire slayer, and Father Tom Padilla, the demon hunter. Along with the wizard and the Grand Librarian, Alexander Merryweather, they set out on a quest to stop the Peddler before his evil plan comes to fruition. 


I'm not a religious person, so religion is NOT what the Bad Angel is about. It is merely a story about good versus evil, right versus wrong, and heroes, who decide that humanity is worth saving. As I continued to write this story and got back in sync with these characters, I realized that the HMU has  a great future. There will be more stories to tell involving all these great characters, assuming they all survive. Hahaha.

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