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The Bad Angel: Redemption Cover

May 20, 2019

 Well here it is. The major unveiling of my new book cover, The Bad Angel: Redemption. I think it's one of my favorites of the entire HMU. Can't wait to get a poster to add to my wall collection alongside the rest.


I've been purposefully overwhelming myself. I hate to stop and think while my writing juices are flowing. Currently working on the Hangman Returns, which is at the center of the HMU right now. What some say about the original Hangman, that it lacked in character development; the Hangman Returns gives everyone a chance to shine. But ultimately, the Hangman Returns is about the Hangman and what he does or doesn't do to move on in the afterlife. Choices are made throughout to see if he makes the right ones. You'll just have to read the book to find out. Haha.


My second book is a little more complex called Travel Through the Stars. It's a space-opera filled with action and adventure. I'm not comfortable enough yet to give a description, but one is coming soon. Again, I'd like to thank my good friend Panhnha Tran for the idea and his constant involvement with this project. Without him, there is no book. I truly have met no one with the gift of his imagination. I'm forever grateful.


Lastly, the HMU will welcome a new hero in the Hangman Returns. Her name is Susan/Susie Taki. She is highly specialized in Kung Fu and a master of most weapons, especially nun-chucks. She also has the unique ability to drain the lifeforce/energy of demons and vampires to enhance her own abilities. She is a welcomed addition to the Hangman Universe. She may even have a romantic interest in either Father Tom Padilla, the demon hunter or Jericho Caine, the vampire slayer...or both. Either way, it'll be exciting. 


Until next time!


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