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My Writing Circle. Thanks!

June 4, 2019

Most writers like doing things themselves, mostly because they know they'll get most of the credit for the final result. I'm not that kind of guy. Sure, the work is about seventy-five percent mine, but the ideas and motivation come from different places.


I'll start with what I like to call my "Ideas Guy". He's my ace, Panhnha Tran. He doesn't like me saying it, but the guy is a fantasy/science fiction genius. He is the brains behind a novel I'm currently working on entitled, Travel Through the Stars. It's a space opera and syfy romp through the universe. He's also consulted on a few other projects. He motivates me daily.


Then there is my "work ideas guy", Bernie Solivio. He started off as a just a fan of my books and now I constantly ask him about my characters and plots. He's also a huge motivation when I create a new character. I usually consult him at once.


My lil bro, Andy Ta, came on late in the game because it took him forever to read one of my books. And boy, did he! He and I talked for hours about the covers, the characters, the plots and any future books. He helped me see that a good-for-nothing kid from the ghettos of Gary, Indiana could amount to something. I value him for that.


Finally, I just want to let everyone know that writing isn't just one person. It takes a circle of people operating one machine to get past the finish line. My cover designer, Les, is AMAZING! My good friend and fellow writer, Erin Moyer, is a motivator as well. My new editor is slowly making me a believer. I honestly feel that with the support my close friends, and this collection of oddballs, the wind is finally at my back and pushing me in the right direction. Thanks guys!

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