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I Was Patient This Time

June 18, 2019

The Bad Angel Redemption was published this weekend. So excited. I can't put into words how thrilled I am about that. It is the last novella in Stage II of the HMU. It took the longest to pull off because I was a little burned out and had medical issues. But the Hangman Universe has always been a dream of mine for over a decade. With a little nudge from a fellow author, I brought it to life. After realizing whole novels, crammed in between The Hangman and The Hangman Returns, would be a little too much, I decided to write the middle stories as novellas. Turned out to be one of the best ideas I've ever had.


First, I wanted to add a new character - something that was fresh and that I felt uncomfortable writing to test myself. I called on my friend, my ideas guy, to help. He introduced The Grand Librarian. I thought long and hard about introducing magic into the HMU. Once I agreed that it was the freshness I was looking for, The Grand Librarian: Life of an Immortal was born. The last pupil of Merlin's, Alexander Merryweather is transported to our new century. He is the first wizard and character not originally in the novel, The Hangman. His novella challenged me to say to least, but it worked...I think.


Secondly, there was Father Tom Padilla: Curse of the Demon Priest. Tom died heroically at the end of The Hangman. And as they say in the comics, "nobody ever really dies", so I brought Tom back. He is the heart and soul of the team. His own back-story was so powerful and unique that I had to tell it. It can be scary at times, but he's an exorcist, who deals with demons. Get over it.


Third, was mine's and almost everyone's favorite character, Jericho Caine Vampire Slayer: Dakota Rises. Giving Jericho his own novella was easy and fun to write. The words just flowed from my head and onto the pages. The only bad part was ending it. He's such a fun character to write. In two words; vampires beware.


Fourth and finally, is The Bad Angel: Redemption. He brings all these characters together because angels aren't allowed to meddle in human affairs. He and Jericho don't really get along. However, BA, Tom, and Alexander get along just fine. Doing battle with vampires, demons, and sorcerers, places their trivial differences on the back burner. BA's past is the focus of his novella, but the other characters have their time to shine.


Now, even as I write this, I'm working on Stage III and The Hangman Returns. Took me a while to decide how, why, and when to bring the half-demon back. Introducing a new character, Susan/Susie Taki is a bonus. I love badass female heroines and she definitely fits the bill. It's all about putting the pieces in place and letting the characters do what they do best, whoop some ass. Can't wait to finish it.

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