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Quick Shock!

June 27, 2019

I've been trying to space out my blogs, but I had to get this one out there. I've been working on a comic book and it's driving me insane. It started off as a comic, then I wanted to turn it into a novel, and now I'm back to a comic again. It's maddening. I've read plenty of comic books in my life, but I've never tried to write one. Finding an artist has been crazy. Well, not so much crazy, as expensive. The story is already written and only needs an artist. I needed a female hero and she Quick Shock fits the bill.


Just a little about the comic. Quick Shock has reached the age where her powers are manifesting. She finds out that she is the daughter of two legendary heroes, but not the two she was originally told. While her family drama unfolds, a new and powerful enemy has risen. Only Quick Shock has the power to stop him...if she can put her family drama behind her. Without going into detail, her powers are impressive. Female heroes are on the rise, and Quick Shock is no different.


Once the artist and I reach an agreement, I will post the first pics of the comic. I'm excited about this project. I've been on a mini vacation from writing as of late. I promised myself I'd take a break after The Bad Angel: Redemption was published. Two major projects are waiting for me when I start up again. The Hangman Returns and Travel Through the Stars are both well on their way to becoming novels. It's just a matter of time before I get that urge to write again and I won't be seen outside my room for months.

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