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The Hangman Returns

July 17, 2019

I've been working on an actual novel, instead of a novella, for the HMU, The Hangman Returns. It represents Stage 3 in the Universe. I'll admit, I was distracted by other projects that I'll complete at a later date. But I realized as much as I would like to complete those other projects in the same time frame, I can't. I'm spread too thin. They take away my concentration from a single novel.


I hated to stop writing Travel Through the Stars. I love the story. I even went so far as to write the final chapter, a trick I learned from my Creative Writing classes in college. It keeps me focused on where I'm going and what it takes to get there. Even cleared it with my good friend, who gave me the idea. I think he was pleased with it. Either way, I'll have to get back to that novel another time.


Quick Shock, my comic, may take a little while longer. The comic book industry is out of my depth. Trying to learn it on the fly isn't something I like very much, but will eventually have to get back into if I want to bring Quick Shock to life.


Finally, getting back into the Hangman Universe is like reuniting with an old friend. My cover, which I will reveal during the editing phase is already finished. However, I'm probably only about thirty-five percent into writing it. Once I focused on a single project, I took off. It's been fun. Bringing the Hangman back from Purgatory and reuniting him with The Bad Angel, Jericho Caine, Father Tom Padilla, and Alexander Merryweather will be his biggest challenge. He only truly gets along with Jericho, the vampire slayer. I've introduced a new hero, Susan Taki, whose abilities fall in line with the supernatural. At the other end of the spectrum, I've brought back the Hangman's nemesis, Hanogoctuforre, who has new friends himself. One is Damian Red, a sorcerer. The other is Comet, the fallen angel. Because of all these characters, this novel will have more action than anything I've written, so stay tuned.

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