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In the Middle

August 4, 2019

Hard at work on Stage 3 of the HMU, which is The Hangman Returns novel. Got another idea's guy. His ideas are fresh but I don't know if they really fit what I'm trying to do. But will see. I'm just bouncing ideas off of different people these days to see what works and doesn't work. It's not easy when you're used to getting ideas from two places, to suddenly, getting them from a group of people. 


Either way, I'm about forty-five percent finished. I've just written the final chapter as I've been known to do with my books. I had a great idea for an ending and couldn't help myself. Some people may be disappointed with the direction I've taken the Hangman's story and the route I've gone with some of the other characters as well. However, it's in the interest of setting up Sage 4 of the HMU. I've only ever wanted five stages, but may change my mind later. Stage 5 ends with the final Hangman book.


I'm kind of getting ahead of myself. So let me explain the general idea behind the Hangman Returns. The demon lord Hangoctuforre has found a way to return to earth and try to conquer it again. There is a barrier between earth and the Underworld that he needs to break through first. He must retrieve one of three rings; the Peace Ring, the Hellfire Ring, or the Ring of Light, which combined make up the more powerful Power ring. Or, he needs the Book of the Dead, which is always in Tom Padilla's or Jericho Caine's possession.


The Hangman is still in Purgatory and finally close to entering paradise. However, something has gone wrong with his son Kente Cromwell Jr, and his wife Dorothy Cromwell on earth. BA, the Bad Angel, reluctantly asks the Hangman to come back to earth and possibly join the fight against Hangoctuforre and his demons, vampires, a fallen angel, and a powerful sorcerer. New characters and situations populate this novel and send it in a direction that even I didn't expect it would take. As I have said before, it will be the most action-packed novel of the HMU and of my writing career. I hope it entertains and has everyone begging for more.


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